Garrison Animal Hospital

PO Box 160
Garrison, MN 56450




Our doctors and staff here at the Garrison Animal Hospital enjoy working with some of the less common pet species out there.  We are happy to make you an appointment for any of the following:


Avian - Birds of any shape or size are welcome.  If you have a difficult bird to handle don't worry, we have a wonderful support staff to assist our doctors with beak, nail, and wing trims as well as your bird's physical exam.  We also have the ability to send out a test to determine the sex of your bird.


Reptiles - Any non-poisonous snakes and lizards are welcome.


Pocket pets - Guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, rats and mice are all welcome. 


Ferrets - We have ferret rabies vaccines available at all times.


Rabbits - We are happy to do any required 4-H or fair exams that you need for your rabbit(s).


Small ruminants - We would be happy to schedule an appointment for your goat, llama or alpaca.  We typically request that you trailer your animal to our facility.  Farm calls may be available upon request if you have herd work that needs to be done.  Be sure to plan ahead as these appointments need to be scheduled well in advance.  Mileage and farm time are charged for farm visits.


*If you own any other exotic species and need medical care please contact us.  If we can't help you we know someone who can.



Please remember that exotic pets require even more time, work and expense than a cat or dog.  If you are considering purchasing an exotic pet please do your research and contact us for more information and advice before doing so.  Many of these beautiful animals are surrendered or euthanized every year because their owners did not realize what they were getting into.