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Microchip Identification and GPS Tracking Collars


Every day veterinary hospitals receive calls about lost (or found) pets.  We always recommend bringing them to a humane society or veterinary hospital to be scanned for a microchip.  Finding a microchip means finding the pet's owner quickly and easily.  A microchip is a rice-sized electronic chip that is placed under your pet's skin with a needle (very similar to administering a vaccine).  This chip can be scanned with a small device easily and painlessly to access its number.  This number is registered to you with contact information of your choosing.  We at Garrison Animal Hospital highly recommend microchipping any pet but especially those who travel or hunt.  We do offer a discount if microchipping is performed at the time of surgery.  If you have questions about microchipping your pet please contact us at the clinic. 


Have a hunting dog? A dog who breaks out of their kennel? A dog that you travel with a lot? Come in to the Garrison Animal Hospital and check out the new GPS tracking device that attaches to your dog's collar.  The collar (and dog) can be tracked using a free app on your smart phone.  You can also arrange to receive an email or text if your dog moves out of its pre-arranged safety zone. Easy to use and another excellent way to keep our much loved pets safe.