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At the Garrison Animal Hospital we recommend the spaying/neutering of most pets.  The advantages are many (see spaying and neutering).  If you are thinking about breeding your pet it should be in the interest of furthering the breed.  It is important to understand that breeding an animal is a great responsibility and will include many costs if you do it correctly. 


We recommend that females be at least 2 years of age before their first breeding.  This allows the female to have several heat cycles to ensure that they are regular and non-complicated.  Two years is also the age at which OFA x-rays (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) can be taken.  These x-rays of hips (and elbows in some breeds) are evaluated by OFA and assist in the early detection of genetic joint disease (hip and elbow dysplasia).  Females should have good dental health (they will be chewing on umbilical cords).  Any animal that is being used for breeding should be up to date on vaccines and have a negative heartworm test.  Depending on your level of interest in breeding there are several ways we can approach a pregnancy.  We offer the following services to assist you.  Please contact us for a consultation to determine which method is best for you and your pet. 


Artificial inseminations

Brucellosis tests

Caesarian sections

Dewclaw removal and tail docking for puppies (3-5 days old)

Pregnancy diagnosis (ultrasound or blood test)Progesterone levels           

Surgical inseminations

Semen storage (on site liquid nitrogen tank)

Vaginal cytology 


*If you are worried that your pet may have "accidentally" been bred please contact us to discuss the options that are best for your pet.