Garrison Animal Hospital

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Garrison, MN 56450




Garrison Animal Hospital offers a wide range of in-house laboratory tests.  By performing these tests in-house we are able to make an efficient diagnosis of your pet's disease.  This allows us to start appropriate treatment faster so that your pet feels better as soon as possible.  Please see the list of tests offered below.  If you have questions about any test, or think that it may be appropriate for you pet, please contact us at the clinic.


Bird sexing

Blood chemistry(organ function test)

Blood clotting test

Brucellosis test

Complete blood count (red and white blood cell and platelet counts)

Culture and sensitivity

Ear cytology (ear infections and mites)

Fecal test (intestinal parasites)

Feline leukemia

Heartworm test


Skin cytology (lumps, parasites, infections)

Thryoid test




*Tests that we cannot perform in-house are sent out to reliable reference laboratories.  Most results from these laboratories come back in 5-10 business days.